About us

Last updated 30/05/2022

About the organization

Last updated 30/05/2022
The Danish Housing and Planning Authority is an agency under the Danish Ministry of the Interior and Housing with approximately 180 employees at our offices in Copenhagen and Nykøbing Falster.

The authority is responsible for a variety of tasks regarding, among other things, housing, construction, physical planning and rural development, where we contribute to building a connected Denmark with opportunity and growth in both rural and urban areas, a well-functioning housing market and a safe, efficient and sustainable construction sector.
We are also responsible for several tasks concerning the Christiania area.

Below you will find our organizational chart.

Banking Invoicing and Fees

Last updated 30/05/2022
On this page you will find the authority's banking information. If you as a company provide goods or services to the Danish Housing and Planning Authority, please send your invoice as an electronic invoice.

CVR-nr.: 42125741
EAN-nr.: 5798000950030
Bank: Danske Bank

Reg. no.: 0216 Account no.: 4069229077
IBAN: DK9702164069229077

You can find a guide to electronic invoicing on Virk.dk.

Centers in the Authority

Last updated 30/05/2022
The Danish Housing and Planning Authority consists of four centers Housing, Construction, Rural Development and Planning. In addition to these, there is the Center for Organization.

Below you will find more information about the different centers and their responsibilities.


Center for Housing
Housing consists of the two specialist offices, Public Housing Regulation & Urban Renewal and Housing Economy & Analysis.


 In the housing area, we supervise the development, streamlining and regulation of the public housing sector. We do this to ensure mixed urban and residential areas with good housing throughout the country, affordable for young people, the elderly, and families. We also contribute to the breakdown of parallel societies by, for example, monitoring, analyzing and following up on the development plans for particularly vulnerable public housing areas.

Center for Construction
Construction consists of the two specialist offices Safety & Effective Construction Case Regulation and Sustainability, Energy & Health.


 Construction must be efficient, safe and sustainable. With a particular emphasis on the Building Act in particular and the Building Regulations, the Authority's construction offices work to ensure that builders and companies in the construction industry build and renovate buildings that are healthy, safe, climate-friendly and affordable.

Center for Rural Development
Rural Development is located in Nykøbing Falster and consists of the two specialist offices Rural Development and Rural Grants.


 Rural and small island communities must be attractive to live in. Our administration of the National Rural Fund and the EU programs, LAG and FLAG, support activities that promote business development and good living conditions in rural areas and on small islands.

Center for Planning
The Center for Planning consists of the two specialist offices Plan Inspection, Planning Data & Vacation Homes and National Planning & Urban Development.


The Planning Act, the Holiday Home Act, etc. ensure comprehensive planning for the use of the country's areas, where the local interests are weighed and taken into account. Our administration and development of the Planning Act aims to provide citizens, municipalities and companies with a good framework for creating local development, while taking into account the environment, nature and landscape.

Center for Organization
The Center for Organization consists of the two offices Administration and Economy. Administration is further divided into HR, IT and the Management Secretariat.


The Center for Organization is a support function for the other centers and is responsible for management services. This involves making sure that management and managers have the best possible basis for handling the cross-cutting administration and development of the Housing and Planning Authority.